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Terms and Conditions



Rental conditions for the apartments in Wicie Residence:


1.  Apartments are rented for 24 hours. The subject of rental is the apartment, not the sleeping place in the room. Reservations can be made at the phone number: +48 793-55-20-23 +48 793-940-912 and via the contact page by email address.

2.  The condition of the full reservation is a deposit of 40% of the value of the planned price for the apartment within a fixed period of 3 days from the initial reservation by telephone or email. Lack of payment of the deposit within the specified time does not guarantee the reservation of the apartment. Payments should be made according to the following data:



NR KONTA: 21 9317 0002 0004 5600 3000 0010


TRANSFER TITLE:  NAME AND SURNAME FOR STAY Date Number of adults Number of children


Customers who rent apartments with us are obliged to report immediately upon arrival. In order to confirm the identity, the customer is obliged to provide a document with photograpjy (Act of April 10, 1974 on the population records and identity cards Journal of Laws of 2001 No. 87, item 960).

3. The accommodation ends at 10:00 am on the day of departure and starts at 3:00 pm on the day of arrival. Check-in / check-out / key pass occurs ONLY in the presence of the Lessor. In case of early departure, the amount due for the entire stay is not changed.

4.  The guest may not transfer the apartment to other persons, even during the rental of the apartment.

5.  Unsigned guests can stay in the rooms from 8 am to 10 pm.

6.  Wicie Residence shall not be liable for loss of money, valuables, other things or objects of scientific or artistic value or other things. Please be careful when closing windows and doors when you leave the apartment.

7.  For reasons of fire safety, it is forbidden to use in apartments: heaters, irons and other electrical appliances that do not constitute room equipment. This does not apply to chargers and power supplies for RTV and computer equipment.

8.  Due to the comfort and safety of our guests, Wicie Residence has non-smoking policy in all our premises. You are asked not to: throw cigarette butts and used matches into the waste bin; Carry and store flammable, corrosive or odor-sensitive materials. Quiet hours apply from 22:00 to 06:00.

9.  The guest of Wicie Residence shall bear full financial responsibility for any damage or destruction of objects, equipment and technical equipment caused by their or their guests’ fault. The fee for lost keys is 50 zlotys. Please report any flaws in the use of the apartment at Wicie Residence reception.

10.  Personal items left in the room by the departing guest will be returned, at their expense, to the indicated address.


11.  Settlement of charge for the stay takes place on the day of arrival. Arrival after the deadline does not exempt from the fees for the entire stay.    RENTAL PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE CLIMATE FEE PAYABLE AT ARRIVAL DATE.

12.  These Rules constitute a contract between the parties. The guest agrees to the terms and conditions of the contract at the time of payment of the deposit or at the time of payment on the spot of the full amount if the deposit is not required.

13.  For each rented apartment, we provide free parking space for 1 car. Parking is fenced and unguarded, only closed during night hours.

14. The owner of the Wicie Residence may refuse to provide further services to persons who disturb the quiet stay of other guests through loud music or other inappropriate conduct.

Wishing to provide all guests of Wicie Residence with friendly conditions of stay, please comply with these rules.

We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable vacation.


Booking rules

1.  The deposit is 40% of the total price of the stay.

2.  Deadline for deposit is 3 days after booking, in case of non-payment the reservation is canceled.

3.  Formalities related to the registration and the fee for the stay are made on arrival.

4.  If you cancel your reservation (late arrival, early departure), the fee is non-refundable.



Climate fee We are obliged to collect a climate fee for the Darłowo Commune.

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